In February I participated in my very first hackathon at Santa Clara University. I was nervous because I knew there would be people there that were much more experienced than I, but I didn’t let that stop me from participating. I knew that I was just as capable as the other participants and I knew that I would learn a lot. I went in not knowing anything about Android dev, but I left having completed my very first Android application! Over the course of 24 hours I learned how to use Android Studio, how to edit XML code for content and activity pages, and I learned some Java on top of that with which I was able to use to convert user input values into strings that could be passed to the backend database. The coolest part? Seeing the app come to life on an actual Android device and being able to interact with it!

Hack for Humanity 2016   –  Feb. 27-28

The theme of this hackathon was to use technology for social good. So my team and I got together and began discussing ideas. We were inspiredServiceSubmitForm.png by one of the hackathon sponsors – Catholic Charities of Santa Clara – who’s website offered Refugee Services, but wasn’t very organized. We wanted to somehow offer refugees an easier way to find free or low-cost language classes, job training, career prep workshops, and food and clothes drives in order to help them integrate into society.

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