While studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, I teamed up with a student from USC openstreetslanga_maboneng_20131012_clisaburnell-for-ctp-56-800x600(Lucas) and we started brainstorming ways that we could put our computer science skills to use during our time there. We got connected with the head coordinator of Ikhaya Le Langa (a non-profit organization in the Langa Township) and began discussing ways that we could help out. Thus, the idea for a mobile application was born!

tony-elvinLucas and I met with the coordinator, Tony, multiple times and now have our heads wrapped around what we want to accomplish. The hold-up? Neither of us have created an actual app before so we are starting from scratch. This doesn’t get us down though, we are excited to take on this learning process and test our skills. I’m currently reading up on Obj-C and following a step-by-step guide to iOS applications.

The Langa Quarter needs help – and that’s what this app will eventually do. The app aims to connect South Africans and foreign tourists to the Langa Township community, local events, and the Langa Homestay Hotel.

To learn more about the Langa Township and the Langa Quarter:



Photo taken from voices.nationalgeographic.comificould.co.za, and capetownpartnership.co.za.